Jay Mac


Who is jay mac?

Jimmy McAteer, otherwise known as ‘Jay Mac’, is a film and digital photographer born, raised, and based in New Jersey. Jimmy has always been heavily inspired to chase the beauty of this world, so he took to photography to capture the essence of that beauty.

Jimmy loves portraiture, especially that which showcases the unique characteristics of the individual he is working with; accentuating individuality. Alongside portraiture, he also enjoys using an editorial based approach, calling attention to style and fashion.

Currently, Jimmy is mainly shooting film. At this point in his life, he views film as the creative lane that expresses his view in the most genuine and accurate manner. Medium format is typically his preference, but a 35mm alternative is also always on his person.

Jimmy is open to collaborations as well as commissioned work. If you are interested in working with Jimmy, please refer to the "CONTACT” page and fill out the attached form.